Airwheel Black pink Silver scooter luggage that can make you addicted to travel

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Abstract:The Airwheel SE3miniT Black pink scooter suitcase is a great choice for both ridding and storage, offering a better experience and a wide range of applications, whether for business trips, holidays or even weekend excursions.

Airwheel Se3Mini scooter suitcase


Easy to ride

Although the main function of a suitcase is "storage", the Airwheel SE3miniT rideable motorized luggage is equipped with powerful motor wheels and a reasonable electric drive structure, so that those who own it can ride it at a speed of 9km/h under electric power, making the journey more energy-efficient.

Airwheel Se3Mini scooter suitcase


Easy to control

Airwheel SE3miniT black pink silver scooter is easy to use. The smart ride handle is not only pull out and ready to use, it also has a minimalist design - only the left and right hand turns need to be controlled, the right side accelerates, the left side brakes, and the control can be reversed at the same time.


Great load ability

Long rides also require a case structure that is strong enough to be reliable. The Airwheel SE3miniT robotic luggage is made of ABS+PC composite material, which is strong, tough, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. The frame is made from an exclusive patented design, using aircraft-grade aluminium alloy, with 52 high-strength riveted joints and a load capacity of 110kg.


Airwheel Se3Mini scooter suitcase


Convenient to charge

Airwheel SE3miniT Black pink scooter can also serve as a charging station, with the USB charging port. You can charge all types of electronic devices at any time by simply connecting the cable, ensuring that your mobile phone, Bluetooth headset and other essential devices are charged without any worries along the way, making your journey go more smoothly.


Airwheel Se3Mini scooter suitcase


Worry-free to board

The Airwheel SE3miniT smart luggage is designed with a modular battery that can be removed without the use of any tools, and with a battery capacity of 73.26WH, you only need to quickly remove the battery before boarding and passing through security. The size of the case is 385 x 250 x 575mm, which is the size of an international standard 20" boarding case and can be carried on board without having to check in. The case is also locked with the internationally accepted TSA customs lock, which prevents violent opening when entering or leaving customs.

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