Airwheel Q5 electric scooter, Your New Form of Transportation

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Abstract: Compact as it is, the Airwheel Q5 electric scooter is powerful indeed. You can roll it freely along the roadside just by standing on it without worrying about traffic jams.


Airwheel, Q5 electric unicycle,electric scooter

After graduation, I got a job that is quite far from my living place. Every day, I had to commute by bus from my home to my office. It's tiring that I had kept commuting in this way for five years. It was not the hustle and bustle and the crowded bus that I hated most. Rather, it was the traffic congestion that often drove me crazy. Stuck in traffic during peak hours and realizing I'm late for work is intolerable. In this case, a ten minute drive would sometimes cost you forty minutes. Recently, I came across a novel device called Airwheel that literally saved me from my commuting trouble.
A friend told me about Airwheel. The device looks a bit like a unicycle. One can stand on it and get going. It's advertised as a new personal transporter suitable for urban commuters.

This function of Airwheel quite stood out for me. The device is somehow self-balanced and one can stand on the pedals to go at your direction. I found the device very interesting and thought that maybe it could really save me out of my current commute trouble. So I bought one. It is compactly designed and takes up no more space than a briefcase when I stow it in my office. Airwheel actually has a range of models catering different requirements of customers. The reason I picked the Airwheel Q5 self-balance unicycle is that it has two wheels which adds to the riding stability as the sales person told me. Though there are two wheels, it's still small in size because the wheels are adjacent to each other. It was until later when I googled the Airwheel on the internet that I realized that self-balancing unicycles are very trendy around the world. Many people use it to commute or just for fun.


Airwheel, Q5 electric unicycle,electric scooter

It didn't cost me too much effort to learn to find my balance on the wheel. I don't think I'm good at balancing on a wheel, but Airwheel Q5 self-balance unicycle turned out to be much easier to control than I had expected. I took it that it was the inbuilt gyro-stabilizer that makes balancing unchallenging for riders. Steering the wheel is easy too. Once you are on the wheel, you just have to lean your body forwards to let the wheel go forwards, and lean your body backwards to let the wheel go backwards or stop. I really hope Airwheel Q5 can be my new transporter.

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