Airwheel H3PC smart folding wheelchair is a true helping hand for your elderly family members.

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Abstract: Whether you have a health condition or you’re unable to walk on your feet for long periods of time, Airwheel H3PC electric wheelchair is a true helping hand.  

Airwheel H3PC power wheelchair


Nowadays, the ageing population is growing rapidly and many elderly have difficulty getting around. Airwheel has launched the intelligent wheelchair H3PC which can meet the needs of the elderly. The Airwheel H3PC intelligent wheelchair is equipped with a powerful electric power mechanical structure, which can easily achieve a forward speed of 6km/h, a climbing angle of more than 6° and a standing slope angle of 9° under the power of electricity, meeting all kinds of urban road conditions. H3PC is also equipped with an electric folding joint, which allows the wheelchair to be automatically folded or unfolded at the touch of a button to meet the needs of daily storage and fitting into the boot of a car.  

Airwheel H3PC power wheelchair

The ergonomic intelligent control handle for the operation of the machine uses the AI intelligent control system, which allows the user to control the direction with a 360° rotating rocker, while the on/off, deceleration, acceleration, lighting, horn and other functions are all listed and marked at a glance, so you can tap on whatever you need. The intelligent control handle is also removable and can be swapped between left and right to suit different handed users. Airwheel H3PC power chair has three remote control modes, Bluetooth, mobile APP and WeChat app, all of which can be used to control the wheelchair in the same way as the local operation. With a remote control distance of up to 8 metres, it offers the user the possibility to control the wheelchair independently and not be dependent on others.  

Airwheel H3PC power wheelchair

Airwheel H3PC smart folding wheelchair installs EABS electromagnetic brake to enhance the safety of the elderly when using the electric wheelchair. When they encounter situations such as wandering or passing out, the wheelchair can stop in time, even on sloping roads, and can stay in place, enhancing safety as much as possible. In addition, to further enhance safety, it is also set up with a reverse horn function, when the user controls the wheelchair backwards, the horn will automatically sound an alarm tone to alert the surrounding passers-by to avoid collision.

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