Airwheel H3PC are made for people who are active and want to travel with their power chair.

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Abstract: Electric wheelchairs that fold are known to have a weight capacity that is lower than average mostly because the framework is made with lightweight material. Airwheel H3PC can be folded and fit into compact spaces such as the trunk of a car or a storage closet. 


Airwheel H3PC power wheelchair

I. More energy-efficient travel

The Airwheel H3PC electric wheelchair is equipped with a powerful electro-mechanical structure, with universal wheels at the front and pneumatic tyres at the rear. It can easily and flexibly ride on dirt, gravel roads, grass and speed bumps at a speed of 6km/h under electric power. On hilly roads, it has a climbing angle of more than 6° and a stopping angle of up to 9°, which makes it a good choice from both the energy-saving and safety points of view. It is also worth mentioning that it has an EABS electromagnetic brake, which is very easy to operate. Simply take your hand off the steering lever and the wheelchair will automatically stop, even on hills, without having to worry about slipping backwards.


Airwheel H3PC power wheelchair

2. One-touch automatic folding

If the destination is a place that cannot be reached by the wheelchair alone, then the folding function is essential. After folding, the wheelchair can be placed in the car and then taken out for use when the destination is reached. The wheelchair body of the Airwheel H3PC folding power chair is not only designed with foldable joints, but also with an electric structure, which allows the user to fold/unfold the wheelchair automatically by simply pressing the fold/unfold button, saving the user from the tedious folding process.


Airwheel H3PC power wheelchair

3. Remote control of the wheelchair

The Airwheel H3PC intelligent wheelchair is not only controlled by the intelligent control handle on the armrest, it is also equipped with a Bluetooth remote control, a special APP for mobile phones and a WeChat app, which allows you to control the wheelchair from a distance and move it to your side or to a convenient parking area. This function allows you to use and store your wheelchair without the help of others.

Prepare Airwheel H3PC for your next travel.


Airwheel H3PC power wheelchair

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