Three highlights of Airwheel SE3S smart electric scooter: rideable, chargeable and boarding (Chapter 2).

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Abstract: Along with the rapid development of urbanization, as well as the transportation, people are more eager than ever to go out and experience the novelty and insight brought by the journey. If you are struggling with the long-time walking tiredness and urgently seeking a solution, let Airwheel SE3S intelligent luggage help you.


Airwheel SE3S scooter suitcase

In the last chapter, we mainly discuss the riding function of the Airwheel SE3S. Today, we will continue to talk about the features of SE3S.  


Airwheel SE3S scooter suitcase

2. Charging

Just to achieve the "riding" function is not enough, Airwheel SE3S intelligent suitcase can also be transformed into a mobile charging station that makes people exclaim. It is designed with high performance USB charging port on the outside of the case, just connect the data cable, you can directly charge your cell phone, tablet, Bluetooth headset and other commonly used portable electronic devices to ensure that the journey does not have to find a suitable charging method and headache.

Not only can be charged, Airwheel SE3S mini electric scooter also provides two sets of charging ports, even if there are two devices are in a power emergency, can also be calm and relaxed, do not have to charge which one first and greatly difficult.


Airwheel SE3S scooter suitcase

3. Boarding

Obviously, boarding requires attention to two points, it is noted and targeted to solve.

Point 1: Volume

The volume of Airwheel SE3S mini scooter is 36×24×55cm, which is in line with the international standard specification of 20-inch boarding case, so when you take a flight, you don't need to check it in, you can directly carry it on board and put it into the luggage compartment without any pressure.


Airwheel SE3S scooter suitcase

Point 2: Lithium battery

For safety reasons, international airlines have made certain specifications for lithium batteries in carry-on items when passengers take flights. The Airwheel SE3S smart ride suitcase is specially designed with modular batteries to meet the relevant passage requirements, and the battery capacity is 74WH, so you only need to quickly disassemble the battery before the security check (no tools required), and you can pass through the boarding without worrying about being blocked.

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