Allow the business journey to go easier- Airwheel SE3miniT rideable boarding suitcase (Chapter 1)

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Abstract: Whether it is a newcomer to the workplace, or senior veteran, I believe Airwheel SE3miniT scooter suitcase can keep up with the efficient pace of the elite, to help the travel journey go more smoothly, more efficient.


Airwheel SE3MiniT scooter suitcase

Do you still feel that your luggage is an obstacle to a relaxing experience during your trip after carefully studying "how to organize your luggage" and "how to reduce your luggage"? Well, it's time to feel the charm of technology! Let Airwheel SE3miniT, the intelligent boarding luggage, become your good partner in the journey.


Airwheel SE3MiniT scooter suitcase

-Strong motivation and good image

Sometimes, due to the tight schedule, after arriving at the destination, you are not able to go to the hotel for a short rest, but need to go directly to the company or meet with customers, etc. It is difficult to avoid the feeling of exhaustion. 

Compared with reducing the weight of the luggage or reducing the weight of the box to weaken the experience of the journey, Airwheel SE3miniT smart luggage choose to be equipped with strong power to achieve the function of "riding", so that the journey easily get rid of the weight and have the acceleration.

Airwheel SE3miniT smart suitcase is especially equipped with a strong motor wheel, to achieve the "ride" function, can carry the user to 9km / h speed easily, which will let the journey brought about by the fatigue of a sweep away. With this feature, travelers can easily show their energetic side, leaving a good impression on the people they work with, and reserving enough energy for themselves to efficiently deal with the work content they need to solve upon arrival.


Airwheel SE3MiniT scooter suitcase

-Expanded charging port, do not miss any incoming calls

Frequent business travelers know that a constant stream of phone calls, the need to communicate and contact a variety of things, cell phones and Bluetooth headsets naturally consume power very quickly. Airwheel SE3miniT smart electric scooter to expand the realization of the "charging" function, just can solve this trouble. It is the case on the outside of the expansion of the design of two groups of high-performance USB charging port, connect the data cable, you can always charge two groups of portable electronic devices, to ensure that the journey all the way power worry-free, very convenient.

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