Travel in comfort with the Airwheel H3TS+ power electric wheelchair

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Abstract: Airwheel H3TS+ features powerful electric motors, easy operation via the use of a power joystick, remote control and air-conditioner & massage function. It allows the user to travel effortlessly without any assistance from another person. 


Airwheel H3TS+ smart wheelchair

For the elderly, traditional manual wheelchairs are still extremely physically demanding to use, and when they encounter road conditions such as slopes, speed bumps and lawns, they will be extraordinarily difficult to pass. Airwheel H3TS+ intelligent wheelchair is equipped with a strong electric power mechanical structure, which can easily achieve a forward speed of 6km/h driven by electric energy, and can meet all kinds of urban road conditions. It’s also equipped with electric folding joints, which can be automatically folded or unfolded with a single button, meeting the needs of daily storage and putting it into the trunk of the car.


Airwheel H3TS+ smart wheelchair

Airwheel H3TS+ electric wheelchairs are easy and safe to ride, with the user friendly joy-sticker. The brakes on the Airwheel H3TS+, especially the EABS electromagnetic brakes, only require the hand to leave the lever when the brakes are needed, and the electric wheelchair will respond quickly to complete the braking after the operation is completed. This design also enhances the safety of the elderly when using the electric wheelchair. When they encounter situations such as wandering and unconsciousness, the wheelchair can stop in time, and even on sloping roads, it can be stationed in place, enhancing safety as much as possible. Plus, Airwheel has also developed three remote control modes, Bluetooth, mobile APP and WeChat app, all of which can achieve the same functional control as the local operation. The remote control distance is up to 8 meters.


Airwheel H3TS+ smart wheelchair

Another highlight is the adjustable cooling and heating seat system, allowing users to experience a comfortable temperature in the hot summer or cold winter. Moreover, it has developed a multi-functional massage function for helping to relieve stiffness and fatigue caused by prolonged sitting. Combined with the ergonomic seat reclining system, the Airwheel H3TS+ ensures users get the most relaxed body posture, and can meet the needs of a variety of states such as sitting, lying down, to achieve daily movement, nap. 

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