Traveling with children is really hard, Airwheel SQ3 mini electric scooter can not be missing (Chapter 1)

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Abstract: Taking children on a trip is a parent-child activity that many parents attach great importance to, help them to grow and learn, and leave pleasant memories. However, it is undoubtedly hard to travel with children, not only to take into account all needs of children, but also to have enough physical fitness. This hard work of traveling with children will be solved by the Airwheel SQ3.

Airwheel SQ3 smart Kids scooter


Going out with children is always difficult! You need to prepare clothes, toys, food, wipes and other kinds of items in case your child needs them at any time. Not only that, but children may get tired of walking during the trip, or they may get bored and irritated because of waiting for the bus, queuing and other situations. In order to help parents solve these big problems of traveling with children, Airwheel especially launched SQ3 rideable suitcase.


Airwheel SQ3 smart Kids scooter


Airwheel SQ3 kids suitcase is specially developed and launched for children aged 3 to 6 years old, taking into account the small stride of children, slow speed, trying to keep up with parents during travel is easy to feel tired, so the special implementation of the "ride" function. It can ride at a speed of 5km / h, the same as the regular walking speed of adults, the child can ride as a substitute, easily catch up with the pace of parents. It can be said that with the Airwheel SQ3 smart electric scooter, is equipped with a journey for the child on the walker, so that they can fully preserve physical fitness for scenic spots, entertainment projects, and reduce the need to hold, parents can also walk more easily, and children together to enjoy the joy of travel.

Because it is a product developed for younger children, naturally it is not too difficult to get started. Its riding control mainly relies on intelligent riding handle, and the handle is designed only left and right sides of the handle, the right side of the acceleration, the left side of the brake, while the control can achieve reverse, the direction is adjusted by turning the intelligent handle, the child only need to master these items, you can skillfully ride using the Airwheel SQ3 smart mini scooter, no need to worry about the high difficulty of getting started and lead to idleness.

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